Cleanup affects Prairieland operations

TRUMAN – The city-wide cleanup in Fairmont is creating lots of work at the Prairieland waste management facility in Truman.

“Our volume has gone from 10 to 11 trucks a day to 68 yesterday,” Prairieland director Billeye Rabbe told the board of directors on Friday.

Prairieland is owned and operated by Martin and Faribault counties.

Fairmont residents began putting their junk out on the curb over the weekend and crews are picking it up. Electronics and appliances are going to Green Tech of Mankato. Demolition debris is going to Southern Minnesota Construction in Fairmont.

“All of the rest of the items are coming up here,” Rabbe said.

“The Fairmont crews are great to work with,” she added. “The whole planning committee has been good to work with.”

Prairieland employees have been doing what it takes to handle the increased workload.

“The only obstacle we’re having is the trucks we need to get loaded out of here because of the traffic jam,” Rabbe said.

Her crew usually works from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We might have to have a little overtime; it’s a blessing at 4 p.m. to add an hour to their day,” Rabbe said.

The crew also cuts lunch short to try to catch up.

The citywide cleanup is scheduled to run through next week, but Rabbe does not believe it will drag out that long.

“I’m really impressed on how much they’ve gotten done so far,” she said.

Rabbe did warn people against scavenging.

“Especially electronics; you have to have a license to recyle that stuff,” she said.