Citizens need to know about these matters

We have lamented the fact before but it remains ridiculous that taxpayers — the bosses of public employees — cannot find out why those employees may be facing scrutiny. This is often the case in public employee investigations, particularly when the employee in question is a member of a collective bargaining group.
Beyond this, when some public employees leave because of allegations of misconduct, the public still doesn’t find out, because the public employer — county, city, etc. — reaches a deal with the worker to part ways. And what lies behind the separation walks out the door with the worker.
How is the public supposed to have any faith in this kind of system? They deserve to know what public employees are accused of. They need to know how elected officials are handling these matters, so they can decide whether to vote for these officials again.
This issue is in the spotlight locally because the city of Blue Earth is dealing with allegations involving two police officers. Some in Blue Earth may know what is happening; others may be able to guess, while others still can only hear and spread rumors. How does this serve the public good?
State laws, lawmakers and court decisions are behind this problem. This sad, secret system should be reformed.