Water tower timeline: 6 months

GRANADA – Granada’s new water tower should be up in about six months, weather permitting.

“It will be done by fall,” project engineer Travis Winter of Bolton & Menk told the City Council on Tuesday.

Maguire Iron of Sioux Falls will dig the foundation in early June. It also will fabricate some of the larger pieces in its shop and truck them to Granada.

Maguire requested an initial payment of more than $80,000 for “work to date, including materials, bonds, insurance and shop drawings,” Winter said.

Even though construction has not yet started, “It’s pretty common to pay for materials when there’s been fabrication,” he said.

“When we pay for it is kind of a moot point,” said council member John Schofield.

Total cost of the project is estimated at $630,000.

In other action, the council discussed a building permit for Louis and Darren Maday, who want to put up a new 66-foot high bin with a grain dryer and remove two existing ones.

Roger Buckmeier and Roland and Brenda Duncan, who live near the site, requested that the dryer have a vacuum filter system to prevent chaff from settling on their property, as well as the rest of the community.

Buckmeier said the chaff flying out of the dryer accumulated to the point he needed four trips with a skid loader to remove it.

“I think it ought to be addressed,” he said.

The Duncans also related their experiences with piles of chaff on their property.

Mayor Darliss Green said she has contacted the city’s attorney, who said the council could include a stipulation for a vacuum filter system in the building permit.

“The burden is on them at that point,” Schofield said.

The council voted unanimously to include the stipulation in the permit.

In other business, the council postponed discussion on assessing or raising water rates to finance the new water tower until June 3, when a representative from the city’s lender will be present.