GHEC, Brandsoy begin work on contract details

GRANADA – The Granada-Huntley-East Chain School Board voted unanimously Monday to enter negotiations to hire Dale Brandsoy as a part-time superintendent.

The board has proposed that he work two days per week.

Brandsoy retired as Blue Earth Area superintendent in 2012, after nine years at that post. He stayed active in education, assisting with superintendent searches and supervising student teachers for Minnesota State-Mankato.

“I find that I was missing working with students, staff and parents,” Brandsoy told the board Monday.

He added that he is not interested in a full-time position, but stressed that both GHEC?school buildings should have a person of authority on site at all times. Students from kindergarten through sixth grade attend school in East Chain, while the preschool and seventh through 12th are in Granada.

Brandsoy earned a bachelor’s degree in math from Mankato State University and farmed for several years. While he enjoyed farming, he missed working with children so he returned to school and earned an administration degree. He served as principal in the Bricelyn and Kiester district, eventually serving in that capacity at United South Central.

The USC district housed middle school students in two buildings, and Brandsoy was principal in both. The district hired a half-time dean for one of the buildings.

“You need to have an administrator in the building with the kids. It’s very important to have an administrator on duty,” Brandsoy said.

The GHEC?board is considering adding a dean of students to the staff, according to Robert Garry, board chairman.

If contract negotiations are successful, Brandsoy anticipates his first year will be spent familiarizing himself with “your staff, your students and your community members, what’s important, changes to be made,” he told the board.

“I do not sit in the office. I’d rather get out and talk with students, talk with staff,” he said.

Brandsoy also said he is a strong advocate of ongoing staff training.

“Teachers have to continue growing,” he said. “I think it’s key – for administration and every staff member.”

When asked how he would market the school district to increase enrollment, Brandsoy said: “I don’t think that’s one person’s job. I think that’s everybody’s job. Your test scores are doing well. Emphasize the positive happenings in the district.”

The board will present an update on negotiations at its meeting Thursday.