Et Cetera …

Can’t support ordinance

Fairmont City Council approved a rental ordinance this week, over the objections of landlords. They see the new rules as unnecessary red tape that will harm the rental market, particularly for those on the low end of the economic ladder.

While there are occasional “problems” related to rental units in town, they have not destroyed the fabric of the community, as some would suggest. We too are a little bewildered by the decision to pursue a rental ordinance.

We hope everything goes smoothly with its implementation and oversight, but the worries about its effects remain.

An eye-opener, maybe

We believe the recent incident in Fairmont involving the disposal of construction debris along a lakeshore is a wake-up call and reminder to everyone about the importance of preserving local lakes and remaining vigilant against possible damage.

It’s difficult to understand what the party involved was thinking when he allegedly dumped dirt, concrete, insulation, sheet rock and gravel along Hall Lake.?Lakes are not dumps.?They are natural resources, with laws in place to preserve their quality.

This was, of course, an egregious example of pollution, but it could happen again. Citizens should be alert.

Some should lose right

We believe in the rights of citizens to possess guns, as tools for hunting and as a way for people to defend themselves in their homes. The sanctity of the Second Amendment should not be breached for any light reasons.

That said, we agree with Minnesota lawmakers who say some citizens forfeit their rights to have and bear firearms. Such as those convicted of child or domestic abuse, and those subject to restraining orders.

People who cannot show the proper restraint and respect others should not be trusted with weapons that can kill and maim.

Seems like an easy vote

Ceylon residents will soon go to the polls to consider allowing on-sale Sunday liquor sales.?Legends Bar and Grill in Ceylon has helped promote the vote, and we agree with its owner, who would simply like the chance to serve customers on Sundays.

Other towns in the area allow Sunday sales. Many people like to go to a bar and grill for a meal and a drink, particularly to watch sporting events, or perhaps for a family gathering on the weekend. We can’t see why businesses should be denied the option to be a gathering place and satisfy their customers.