Lawmakers rightly OK online registration site

Minnesota lawmakers this week passed and Gov.?Mark Dayton signed a bill to preserve an online voter registration system. The new law is necessary because a judge ruled that Secretary of State Mark Ritchie overstepped his authority in creating the site without legislative approval.

We have already scolded Ritchie in this space, so we won’t do that again. We also said he had good intentions, so it is right that lawmakers approved the online site, even if everything was done a little backwards.

The new system has the same requirements as the paper system. It should save costs, improve accuracy and boost citizen involvement. Minnesota is a leader in voter turnout. The website should help us in that cause.

Critics remain. They have concerns about the security of the new system, as well as bogus registrations. The state cannot afford to bungle this website, through which people will be required to reveal driver’s license data, Social Security card information, birth dates and addresses. Minnesota did not fare well with its MnSURE?website. We hope that does not become the case again.