Sunday sales? Ceylon to vote

CEYLON – Ceylon residents will head to the polls May 13 to determine whether on-sale Sunday liquor sales will be allowed.

Cody Leiding of Legends Bar and Grill in Ceylon approached the City Council seeking Sunday sales.

“I just want to be open on Sundays,” he said. “Currently, I can’t even be open … With all the churches in the area, I think we could benefit from being open.”

State law says no on-site sales of intoxicating liquor may be made after 2 a.m. Sundays, unless a Sunday sale law is passed in a city. A town may issue a Sunday license only if authorized to do so by the voters, in a general or special election.

For Sunday sales, a restaurant, club, bowling center or hotel with at least 30 seats, and that possesses an on-sale license, may sell intoxicating liquor on-sale in conjunction with the sale of food between the hours of 10 a.m. Sunday and 1 a.m. Monday after a public hearing, ordinance and separate Sunday license.

A county may issue a Sunday license in a town only if authorized to do so by the voters of the town.

“I started a petition in November, and I had over 400 signatures, not only from people in-town, but from out of town too,” Leiding said.

He is paying for the special election, but hoping the vote will pay off.

“The whole town is behind us,” he said. “They know they will also benefit.”

Fairmont, Truman, Welcome and Granada all have Sunday sales. Martin County Auditor Jim Forshee reports that Dunnell also has requested a vote on Sunday liquor sales. It will be held during the general election.