Must kids sell this junk?

To the Editor:

My first-grade granddaughter excitedly brought home a fundraiser packet (Junk!) to raise money for information technology – iPads for their classroom.

Since when is it OK for a child who is just starting her academic venture to have to help fund it also?

She brought home fundraisers last year too, in kindergarten. (Obviously, the phone calls I made last year had no impact). Isn’t that what we pay taxes for?

The students even get prizes for selling. More junk!

How many children in school get free and reduced lunches? Yet these are the children that are expected to sell this junk to their families. Nobody wants to disappoint their excited child with a no.

Not to be “one of those who complain, and offer no solution,” if these children must participate in funding classroom items, implement something in which 100 percent of the proceeds go to the children. Start a Cardinal Strut – name it whatever you want, just throwing that out there. Same idea as the March of Dimes walk, yet on a smaller scale. I would much rather support and even participate in something that supports a healthy activity with my grandchild.

Gail Greeley