Sweet Financial adding space

FAIRMONT – Sweet Financial was founded in 1987 with a mission to simplify financial affairs for clients, in order to give them freedom to focus on things that make life meaningful and enjoyable.

Times have changed since then, but the goal remains the same.

“We want to make sure we’re being accommodative and trying to be as proactive as we can,” said proprietor Bryan Sweet as he discussed a major expansion of his office building in Fairmont.

Plans are being finalized today for a project that will add 1,400 to 1,500 square feet to the site at 1300 South Prairie.

Sweet envisions the end product as a more convenient, efficient office for employees and clients.

The building was constructed not that long ago, in 2006. At the time, Sweet did not foresee a need for additional space.

“And here we are building on to it,” he said.

Construction will begin sometime in early June, with Tech Builders as the contractor. The project is expected to be completed sometime in November.

“We’ll be adding about another third onto the building … and then we’ll double the size of the patio to provide more educational, social opportunities for clients,” Sweet said.

Part of the building expansion will be used immediately, while the rest will be available as the firm grows.

The company is not yet planning to hire more employees, but the expansion will give Sweet the ability to add four to five more people. He currently has 14 employees.

Construction should not affect clients, and be a minimal inconvenience for staff, according to Sweet. The new space will be built separately from the existing structure, then the two will be connected toward the end of the project.

While the work is under way, improvements also will be made to the rest of the building. Paint, carpet and decor will be updated, but also technology. The renovations will include better, bigger computer screens for employees; more charging stations for smartphones and tablets; and high-tech video capabilities for interviews with money managers.

“That’s just where the technology world is going,” Sweet said.