Kudos to Rep. Gunther

To the Editor:

On behalf of Fairmont Area Schools, I want to express my sincere thanks to state Rep. Bob Gunther for visiting with our 135 sixth-grade students and chaperones on April 11.

That was a special day for our students as they had the opportunity to visit the State Capitol, Science Museum and History Museum. The highlight of their trip was visiting Rep. Gunther on the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Students enjoyed sitting at a representative’s desk and using the member microphones to ask questions. Rep. Gunther did an excellent job fielding the students’ questions and provided very informative answers.

I personally am most appreciative of Rep. Gunther’s efforts to stay in St. Paul during the legislative recess for the purpose of meeting with the students, staff and chaperones of Fairmont Area Schools. His service and commitment to his constituents is commendable.

Joseph E. Brown Sr.


Fairmont Area Schools