Et Cetera …

Hope cleanup goes fast

We are not among those overly concerned – yet – about the condition of the Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex fields in Fairmont. The fields were closed this past week to get them into better shape. Harmful debris – stakes, glass, metal – was found there.

We know the complex is just being put into use. Those who want to utilize it right away must realize it’s going to take some time to get everything right. We would agree, however, that those fixups need to happen, and soon. It would be unfortunate if the site was seen as tainted from the very start.

Voters: Demand reforms

The 2014 campaign season is under way, like it or not. Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and the U.S. House made their way through the area this week. Both urged voters to consider supporting them because they oppose the new federal health care law, i.e. Obamacare.

We hope voters pay attention, to say the least. Obamacare is a mess. Voters should demand answers from all federal candidates about this issue, and urge reforms – if not a full repeal and replacement of the law.

Website must function

Speaking of the health care law, we’re glad – in a way – to see that the state of Minnesota is finally trying to get it right when it comes to its online insurance marketplace known as MNsure. The state this week hired a new firm to overhaul the troubled website.

Deloitte Consulting will be paid nearly $5 million to do the work. Its basic task is to make the website a better experience for consumers, as well as for insurance plans, counties and others who work with the system. You don’t have to agree with the new law to believe these marketplace websites have to function, if anyone is going to be able to obey the law.

Deal helps Prairieland

We congratulate the Prairieland compost facility in Truman for putting together a deal with Waste Management to resolve a matter involving service fees collected in Martin and Faribault counties between 2009 and August 2013. Waste Management will pay Prairieland $100,000 and provide a year of disposal services for Prairieland for free.

Essentially, the deal clarifies past practices and will lead to a better understanding of future fee collection, and the tracking of those fees. This is important for Prairieland, which has in the past turned to the counties, i.e. their taxpayers, for much assistance.