Greimann’s giving earns kudos

BLUE EARTH – Shelly Greimann has a drive to serve her hometown, and it has earned her the Woman of Achievement Award from the Mitchell Chautauqua Circle of Blue Earth.

“We pick women who have contributed to their community; not just in one way, but more than one area,” said Maria Lindberg, a member of the Mitchell Chautauqua Circle, a study club.

“Shelly has been active in so many things as far as the community is concerned, starting when she was really young,” Lindberg said. “It’s kind of incredible.”

“I think that it’s … it feels like a nice big thank you,” Greimann said of the honor. “Not that those of us do it for that, but I appreciate it.”

Greimann has her own ideas of what makes a woman of achievement.

“Someone who’s done a lot of things in their life,” she said. “Someone who gets kicked down but gets back up. Someone who’s not afraid to try new things.

“And in the process, hopefully, you’ll be kind, helpful, loving and nurturing to those in need, those who need a leg up,” she said.

Just a few of the ways Greimann contributes to Blue Earth is Kiwanis, Town and Country Players and her church. She also is a former Chamber of Commerce director. She and husband, Rahn, run Horse Magazine.

“I didn’t do all these things alone: friends, family and my husband, he’s helped tremendously,” Greimann said. “He’s gracious about supporting me. My children too, and my extended family.”

That includes daughters Brianna and Makenzie; and five grandchildren.

Except for some years in Mankato and the Twin Cities, Greimann has always made her home in Blue Earth and feels a responsibility to it.

“My roots are here and I live on a family farm. Those roots go very deep and my family has a big business here,” she said.

Greimann grew up an Ankeny in a family of five. She is a business owner with her store Prairie Chick, tucked into a corner of Ankeny Furniture on Main Street.

“I’ve always loved antiques, old homes, architecture and history,” Greimann said. “I’ve always surrounded myself with those things and so has my husband. It’s perfect for me, a good creative outlet. It works so I can partner with (cousins) Bruce and Ana (Ankeny).”

Being named a Woman of Achievement gives Greimann a chance to look at her life.

“Where I see myself at now is I’ve grown spiritually, and hopefully a little wiser,” she said, laughing.

“I’m kind of big about being a standard-bearer and standing for something in your profession, family and your life. That tops any of the other things. Where you finally have ended up is the big achievement and if you’re happy with yourself.”