College kids, others, need to pay low rents

A?college kid will – just about – live anywhere. His or her object is to pay little for rent, even if it means sharing a small place with others. College kids give up any luxury and a lot of privacy. This goes hand in hand with their efforts to scrimp and save. Its a spartan existence that lasts a few years, but everyone kind of understands that this is just the way it goes.

What a college kid needs is available housing at low cost. Period. And that is what Presentation College in Fairmont wants as it hopes to increase the numbers of students earning degrees here. We wholeheartedly support the college and its concerns about available housing. A representative from the college met with the local Housing and Redevelopment Authority this week to see if there are any options for it to help. Nothing seemed to jump to the forefront, but the two sides will continue discussions.

In the meantime, we do know there is one thing the HRA and college could do: express concerns to the City Council about the looming rental ordinance the city is considering. It could have a negative effect on the housing available to the college kids, as well as to other no- or low-income renters. Fairmont has gotten along just fine without a rental ordinance since it became a municipality. One thing the city has wanted – and finally got – was a local college. Why would we do anything to jeopardize its continued existence and growth?