Talk about dumb spending

To the Editor:

I agree with state Rep. Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont, that $89.5 million for a Senate office building is pretty stupid. But it’s not the dumbest spending ever done at the Capital.

The king of dumb spending has to be the $1.1 billion spent on three new sports stadiums to replace the Metrodome, which didn’t need to be replaced. Two of these stadiums were for two of the richest men in America, Carl Pohlad and Ziggy Wilf.

Sadly, Rep. Gunther, along with Rep. Rod Hamilton, Sen. Doug Magnus (retired) and Sen. Julie Rosen, all Republicans, voted yes for these three stadiums. ($89.5 million x 12 = $1.1 billion).

Does that mean these four Republicans that represent us (Magnus has since retired) are 12 times dumber than the Democrats who voted for the Senate office building? If so, why do we keep re-electing them?

The hocus-pocus scheme to pay for these stadiums with electronic pulltabs and tobacco taxes has collapsed like a house of cards in a tornado. Sen. Rosen still thinks her plan was a good one. Perhaps she will give us a chance to delve into her thinking on the Wilf’s stadium handout one day?

How many roads/bridges/education could we have funded with $1.1 billion? $485 million for the Vikings stadium, $375 million for the Twins stadium and $325 million for the Gophers stadium. While these four Republicans were spending on stadiums, we had a bridge collapse in the Twin Cities and a government shutdown under Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Is it time for “term limits” the old-fashioned way? I think so.

Brad Swanson