Who will be ‘biggest loser’ here?

FAIRMONT – C.J. Johnson of Cutting Edge Fitness is issuing an eight-week challenge to the community. But the quest will be about more than just what the scale says.

“It’s going to be more specific than just weight loss,” Johnson said. “We have an in-body 230 machine that measures body composition and analysis. It measures total body water, total body fat mass and skeletal mass.”

The fitness challenge will be measured on a points system. Along with weekly challenges and workouts, points will be awarded for skeletal mass gained and body fat mass lost. Any water weight gains or losses will not count toward the challenge.

“People can take a diuretic or not drink water and drop 20 pounds like that,” Johnson said. “This is a lot more of an honest reflection. This machine we have is very accurate and rare, and we’re going to use it to our advantage.”

About 40 participants have already signed up for the challenge, according to Johnson. The participants will be divided into “teams” led by Johnson and two other personal trainers on staff. The weekly challenges will also offer weekly prizes, with the grand prize for the “biggest loser” at the end being a year’s membership to Cutting Edge Fitness and 24 personal training sessions.

“That’s about a $1,300 value,” Johnson said. “We’ll be meeting with the contestants, and they’ll be coming to classes here for the two months, and we’ll be giving them all the tools they’ll need.”

While the challenge is open to the community, there is a cost, and two different plans a participant can choose.

“There is a gold and silver plan, and the gold plan includes personal training sessions twice a week,” Johnson said. “For those who know what they need to do, there is the silver plan, which is considerably cheaper.”

But even those who “know what they need to do” need a little motivation.

“The goal is to get people started with their weight loss goals,” Johnson said. “We want to teach them the correct and healthiest ways possible to achieve those goals. And with a competition, people are more likely to stick with it.”

More information about registration is available by calling Cutting Edge Fitness at (507) 238-2966.