Et Cetera …

We’re still skeptical

We still aren’t big fans of the city of Fairmont’s proposed rental ordinance. We don’t understand the push for it, nor see the purported benefits. We do see a lot of extra, unnecessary government red tape for those who provide local rental housing.

That said, we must note this week that city officials are trying their best to be fair, to tweak the language of the ordinance to punish landlords less and make the new law something that is more useful.

But what the end result will be, and whether this will benefit the local housing market, remains to be seen.

Idea worked out well

Martin County Economic Development Authority had an intriguing idea a while back: It would try to keep open Sherburn’s downtown cafe – the Cup N’ Saucer – through an essay contest.

Seth and Elizabeth Lintelman won the cafe and brought exquisite cuisine and marketing smarts with them. The result has been the creation of a great place to eat that is drawing interest from miles around.

We congratulate the Lintelmans on their success, and the EDA for doing something different that yielded great results.

Program back in place

Martin County and the American Legion posts spread across it seem to have found a winning formula in bringing back Boys and Girls County, a program that introduces high school juniors to the workings of county government.

Boys and Girls County was held this past week. The youth visited every office at the courthouse and law enforcement center, and made trips to the library and highway shop.

The experience offered to the teens gives them an up-close look at their democracy and real life. We think that’s great.

Don’t hold up drone use

It looks as though legislation related to the regulation of aerial drones is on hold this year at the Minnesota Legislature.

Drones are attracting attention for several reasons, including the possibility of government misuse in violating people’s privacy, and how to create rules so that drones can share airspace and not crash into each other or other objects.

We don’t believe new technology in and of itself is scary. Only if it is misused. Police use various methods currently to stop crime. These methods often require warrants and that may be needed for some drone uses.

As for sharing airspace, a system is needed, and should be created quickly.