Class ring returns after 30 years

WELCOME – Peggy McDonald lost her class ring shortly after she graduated from Welcome High School in 1984. But thanks to a Sioux Falls couple and Facebook, McDonald and her ring are reunited.

“I lost it while I was at the Sioux Falls Zoo,” McDonald recalled. “Somehow the ring made it to the lost and found, and because the ring has my name and Welcome High School, the zoo contacted the school … The zoo said they would send it back to me, but I never got it. I figured it got stolen or lost in the mail. I thought I would never see it again.”

Fast forward nearly 30 years to last week, when McDonald received a call at her workplace.

“Someone called me from Sioux Falls asking if I’d lost a class ring,” she said. “I described it, and we figured out it was my ring.”

As it turned out, a Sioux Falls couple – Caleb and Suzanne Kluver – were using a metal detector at a park about half a mile from the zoo when they found McDonald’s ring.

“Because my name is engraved inside, and it had Welcome High School on it, they decided to look me up through Facebook, and that was how they got my workplace number,” McDonald said. “They said it was on top of the ground, just laying in the grass.”

The ring was apparently being worn by someone during its time missing in Sioux Falls. Whoever had it took care of it.

“There is some tape on it to make it fit a smaller hand that’s fairly fresh,” McDonald said. “But it’s in perfect condition, no scratches and it’s even clean.”

While where the ring has been and who had had it these past 30 years may never be known, McDonald is just happy it is back on her hand.

“I really thought I would never see it again,” she said. “I’ve learned to never say never now.”