Poor way to do things

To the Editor:

The Minnesota House of Representatives will soon vote on a massive 450-page supplemental budget bill that contains spending proposals from nearly every area of state government. I am troubled by this process.

Typically, the House will vote on one spending area at a time, such as transportation or economic development. Now, all of these finance proposals are going to be combined into one bill, meaning while you might strongly favor one provision in the legislation, there might be another 10 that you hate just as strongly.

Some of the session’s big-ticket items are included in this giant spending bill. For instance, the 5% Campaign, which would give Minnesota’s disabled community and their caregivers a 5 percent funding increase, is included. Also included is an investment in rural broadband access, which is key to future economic development in Greater Minnesota.

But there’s also a bailout for MNsure – Minnesota’s version of Obamacare – which hasn’t come close to meeting original expectations. I am also bothered by a new slush fund that would pit state government against private sector businesses on economic development.

The Democrats have chosen this process and it’s extremely frustrating. There are many good provisions in this proposal, but they are sadly outnumbered by bills that in my opinion are very bad for the state of Minnesota. Putting all of the Legislature’s eggs in one basket and then telling members to vote up or down is politicizing the process, and in my opinion, a poor way to legislate.

State Rep. Bob Gunther,