Oh what a night!

To the Editor:

An army of 230 Knights – joined by 136 local businesses, 25 businesses from outside our community, three professional sports teams, 12 organizations and churches and 24 individuals – came together in an awesome force of generosity. Their outstanding efforts were supported further financially by 15 businesses, three organizations and 11 individuals, in addition to those already contributing goods and services.

The “night” was the Knights of Columbus Silent and Live Auction on March 22.

It is humbling that the magnitude of this outpouring from so many would be to support ARC, Martin County Mentoring and Fairmont Area Kinship. Funds raised are significant in furthering the good work of our programs. The Knights’ “Blessing Unto Others” campaign truly is making a difference in the lives of others.

Our mentoring programs are so thankful to the Knights of Columbus, all those who donated and to those of you who came to purchase on the memorable night of the KC Silent & Live Auction.

Thank you.

Char Kahler,

Fairmont Area Kinship

Val Jepsen,

Martin County Mentoring