Alleged burglar faces news charges

FAIRMONT – A man arrested after allegedly breaking into Fairmont homes now faces new burglary and theft charges.

Erik Daniel Christianson, 31, was arrested on March 14 after two reports of local residents finding him in their homes. One resident on East Sixth Street was reportedly attacked by Christianson with a golf club before demanding “booze” and leaving.

A few hours later, Christianson reportedly was in a home on North Dewey Street when two juvenile girls came home from school and found him there, and were able to chase him out of the house.

Police arrived in the area, found Christianson and arrested him a short time later.

When Christianson was booked into the Martin County Jail, officials found a set of keys on him that he said did not belong to him.

On March 17, police learned some of the keys were to a car dealership in Fairmont. With help from the dealership, it was determined the keys belonged to one of its employees.

The employee was contacted and identified the keys as his own. The employee lived in an apartment building where Christianson had been residing earlier that month. The employee reported the keys went missing with his wife’s purse, a camera and $65 in money collected for Girl Scout cookie sales. The employee said he had not reported the items stolen, because they believed they had just been misplaced.

Police had been called to Christianson’s former apartment by his roommate, who reported items left behind that included the purse and camera. Those items were identified as the items missing.

When Christianson was interviewed, he reportedly admitted stealing his neighbor’s purse and camera, but denied finding the Girl Scout money. However, he reportedly admitted he had burglarized the apartment looking for money.

The burglary charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

The theft charge carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Christianson is scheduled for a court hearing April 7 for his multiple charges.