Et Cetera …

We support El Agave

We share the sentiments of those who hope customers will not hold a grudge against El Agave restaurant in downtown Fairmont. The popular establishment recently suffered a data breach, resulting in fraudulent use of customers’ debit and credit cards.

El Agave has taken steps to ensure better security, as have other retailers across the country that have been victimized by various perpetrators. El Agave is not alone in what it has faced, and it – like customers – is not happy about it. We hope that is understood.

Rate hike right choice

We believe the city of Fairmont did the right thing in raising rates at the Fairmont Aquatic Park last year. The new rates created an additional $10,000 in revenue, which is better than the alternatives of flat or declining sales.

It remains true that the park still has a huge deficit, with the city subsidy at nearly $225,000. But the water park is meant to be a local amenity that provides recreation to children and families, offers employment to young people and helps draw to town visitors who may also shop and eat here.

While there is room to criticize the park, we also believe the city is doing a good job of stewardship at this local resource.

AGCO offers funding

Fairmont Area Schools really hit upon something with its welding academy. The popular classes train students in a trade that is in high demand. It’s clear from the response of the business community that the school is doing the right thing.

AGCO, a Jackson-based manufacturer, has pledged to donate $6,000 to the school so it can offer an summer welding program for students from throughout Martin County. We think this is a generous and wise gift.

We hope area students take advantage and sign up. To do so, they can contact the Fairmont Area guidance counselor office.

Gym floor is recycled

A new use for the hardwood gym floor at the Ringsted school will benefit people with intellectual disabilities in Mankato. It is good to see this kind of recycling project.

LEEP – Leisure and Education for Exceptional People – plans to incorporate the floor into a facility that is in the works. Getting the gym floor for free saves the group about $90,000.

On the other side of the equation, residents of Ringsted will get to know that part of their old school, now closed, will live on in a productive way.