Sweet dreams coming true

FAIRMONT – The proprietor of Kandy Koncepts says she has pretty good control over her sweet tooth, but the real test will come when the shop opens next month.

Lynn Rosa is in the process of renovating a space at Five Lakes Centre in Fairmont, and though there’s still much work to do – her soft opening is set for April 15 – it’s easy to guess what the store will sell.

Passersby, noticing the bubblegum pink stripes on the faux columns in front of the store, can be heard to say, “It looks like a candy store!” – and then squealing with delight when they take a closer look and see a small sign reading “Kandy Koncepts.”

“I’ve always, always, always wanted to open my own business, and now I finally got a chance,” Rosa said.

She decided on a candy shop simply for the fun of it.

“People are happy when they walk in, and they’re happy when they leave,” she said with a smile.

But it’s not all fun and games.

Rosa has been busy working to meet various government rules and regulations, since the store isn’t just selling confectioneries – it’s also making them.

Cotton candy and kettle corn will be made daily, on site, and Rosa also will offer custom-made fondant cake toppers.

Even with the pre-made candy she’s selling, Rosa has had to do her research.

“I’ll be selling retro candy from the 1940s to the present,” she said, “so the shop will be divided by decades, as the candies were introduced to the market.”

Once the candy shop is up and running, the hard work will continue. Rosa will be the lone full-time employee, and she plans to hire just two to three helpers.

“I’ll be living here,” she said, laughing.