Some welcome news

To the Editor:

Minnesota’s disabled community and their caregivers recently received some welcome news from the floor of the Minnesota House, as lawmakers streamlined a proposal to give them a 5 percent funding increase.

The long-term care industry is desperately needed, and we can’t expect those who care for our disabled residents to work at the same low salaries forever. A 5 percent pay raise would show that the Legislature values and prioritizes their services.

Over the past seven years, funding for our state’s most vulnerable residents and their caregivers has declined as Minnesota struggled to balance its budget.

Thanks to a motion approved on the House floor, the “5 percent campaign” bill has been pulled from a House committee and can now be called for a full floor vote at any time.

Using a small portion of the $1.2 billion surplus to fund the “5 percent campaign” would not only provide a much needed pay raise for the disabled community, but also could help attract more high-quality workers to this needed profession.

Even though they deserve more, the “5 percent campaign” has growing momentum and I’m hopeful we will pass this necessary funding increase into law very soon.

State Rep. Bob Gunther,