Thank you, Fairmont

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Fairmont girls basketball team, managers and coaches, we would like to thank the Fairmont community for all the support during our season. We had a blast playing and representing our town.

Throughout the year, we had several businesses contribute either goods or money:

o Fairmont Ford, Graham Tire, State Bank of Fairmont and Rosen’s Inc – sponsoring the fan bus.

o Rosen’s Inc. – printing for brochures, posters, etc.

o Cutting Edge Fitness and Ad Mfg – 3-point T-shirts

o HyVee – food for bus rides.

o Culligan – water for bus rides.

A huge thank you to our community, Fairmont High School band and cheerleaders for all you do to add school spirit to our games.

A special thank you to our parents who also supported us in many ways, including providing pasta meals, signs and being our biggest fans.

We will be cheering next year from college and will forever be grateful for all that this community has provided to us. Go Cards!

Kristen Campe & Kayla Lardy,


Fairmont High School

girls basketball team