Et Cetera …

Movies back in town

With the official opening of the new Fairmont movie theater, we again extend our thanks and congratulations to the city of Fairmont and theater proprietor Todd Frager.

Getting the movie theater back up and running is good for the town, and good for local businesses, such as restaurants, shops and major retailers. A theater helps bring people to town.

We also note that it is nice just to be able to stay in town and take in a movie. We know locals and area residents are looking forward to the opportunity.

Park plan sounds good

From the sound of things, Martin County’s park system is approaching a point where there is little work left to do, at least for the foreseeable future. The exception has been the most popular park,?Cedar-Hanson near Trimont.

Now a plan is in the works to make needed upgrades at the park, after the county was able to draft a list of improvements that cost 40 percent less than what was previously imagined. This means the parks department budget can be used over several years to pay for the work, meaning it can get done. Seems like the county should proceed.

Support Opera House

The Fairmont Opera House has been a landmark downtown since 1902. Locals raised the money to build it. They later frequented it as a movie theater. They restored it to a stage venue in the 1980s. They have stepped up regularly to make repairs.

Locals are needed again, to simply join the Opera House as members. When people do so, their contributions help keep the historic site running on a day-to-day basis. We hope people here still care.

We encourage area residents to contact the site at (507) 238-4900 or send an email to

Grants to aid business

Faribault County has developed a plan to offer grant funding to businesses, to offer them the opportunity – and to promote the idea – of fixing up their buildings. Faribault County Development Corporation, a private group, will put up $110,000, while other grant funding will be sought to create a pool of $200,000 in available funds.

A survey shows business owners interested in making fixups, to improve property values and boost economic activity.

We believe the plan makes sense, and is good in that it does not involve a contribution from county coffers.