A great year to cheer

To the Editor:

What a remarkable year for high school athletics and activities. Congratulations to all students, athletes, coaches and parents for their hard work above and beyond the norm.

Heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the basketball cheerleaders and families at Fairmont High School for all their hard work, commitment, travel time and money spent this year to be the best they can be.

They’re always out there trying to promote positive spirit for the Fairmont teams, traveling to boys and girls events during playoffs, spending hours making signs for teams, not counting the hours they practice and attend camps.

These young ladies also cheered for a third sport – wrestling – this season.

Thank you to many in the community who have taken the time to thank them for their efforts, compliment them on how well they are doing and recognize that they are an integral part of the many wonderful sports and activities that we have for our kids at Fairmont Area Schools.

What a blessing that they continue to have a passion for a sport that is being done away with in many school districts. Thank you to the Fairmont administration and school board for giving these young ladies an opportunity to participate in an activity that they truly love.

What a great year to be a Cardinal.

Deb Heinrich.

head cheer coach