Spring play goes ‘Wild Pink’

SHERBURN – “This is the first night they’ve practiced with the dresses and wigs on,” observed Biny Claussen as she directed three Martin County West boys dressed in drag to be more ladylike – in the play and in real life.

“Lift up the dress when you step,” she commands Nick Holm as he clomps up the steps to the stage. “You’re going to rip it!”

The new look for Holm, Jake Helmstetter and Matt Viesselman is part of “Wild Pink,” a two-act comedy the school drama department will perform March 28-30 at the Sherburn Theater.

Holm, Viesselman and Helmstetter are three smart young men, but are unable to go to college because they have no money. The boys’ estranged Aunt Millie (played by Ellyn Swanson) has a fortune, but wants nothing to do with the boys’ family. In order to charm Aunt Millie, the boys decide to visit the aunt and convince her she has three beautiful nieces who are worthy of inheriting her millions.

“Then they learn that someone is embezzling the money,” Claussen said. “There are lots of people who come in and out of the play, so you end up suspecting a lot of people.”

On this night of practice, the boys getting used to their dresses and wigs gave a realistic feel to the play as they had to remember how to sit (cross-legged, not bow-legged), and make proper adjustments to their dresses.

“You’re a little lop-sided there,” said Claussen, observing Helmstetter’s chest area, bringing a chorus of giggles.

“It took us a while to find dresses that fit them,” Claussen noted. “Even though all of them are thin, they all have those wide rib cages, so we had a tough time getting ones that fit.”

Other characters in the play include Morgan Lane as Olivia, who is Aunt Millie’s assistant, and Noah Holland as Jebediah, the father of the boys.

Performance times are 7 p.m. March 28-29 and 2 p.m. March 30.

Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for students, with a $12 weekend pass available.