Minnesota Senate needs to get on board

Democrats control the Minnesota Legislature and the governor’s office. With a giant state budget surplus in hand, Gov.?Mark Dayton and House Democrats (and Republicans) are lining up for a huge tax repeal – $500 million to undo business-to-business sales taxes enacted last year. The relief also would align Minnesota’s tax code more closely with federal tax law, making more exemptions and deductions available to state residents.

That Democrats are doing this (actually, undoing things they enacted in the last session) speaks well of them. It shows they are interested in governing fairly, not just interested in punishing success and swelling state coffers. We should clarify: This speaks well of some Democrats.

In the Senate, Democratic leaders are unsure about proposed tax relief. There, the billion-dollar surplus is just too tantalizing to commit to any repeal. It would seem that in the Senate, things are the same old, same old. The thinking is that tax dollars don’t belong to the people, they belong to social tinkerers and program expanders who believe they know how to better spend citizens money than do citizens. This is, of course, the galling arrogance of the worst kind of politicians.

The Senate needs to get on board and return the people’s money to the people, by removing tax burdens that are unnecessary to operate the state. The sooner the better.