Murphy honored with ‘Chair of the Board’ award

FAIRMONT – Ed Murphy was an “easy choice” for the 2013 Chair of the Board award, said Traci Lardy, who previously served in that capacity for the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce.

Murphy was honored at the Chamber’s annual meeting Tuesday for his tireless work supporting the Martin County Fair.

“Eddie and the other 14 board members work year-round maintaining the fairgrounds, recruiting sponsors and lining up big name acts,” Lardi said. “Even in the dark mornings of December, long before anyone is thinking about pork chops on a stick, Eddie is responding to emails and tying up loose ends.

“You’ll find him in the sheep barns in October, parking campers and boats for winter storage,” Lardi continued. “He’s back in the spring, helping people pull them back out again for the summer season.”

Lardi listed several areas where Murphy worked, regardless of the time of year, to improve the fairgrounds and the fair.

“Whatever the month, Eddie rarely goes a day without doing something to make our county fair one of the best,” she said, adding that he is always sharing the credit with the other board members and their families.

“Edward, well deserved, my friend. You do a great job in this community,” said Bob Wallace, Chamber president.

Murphy gave a humble statement in response to the award.

“I appreciate all the support of the community and all the people in it,” he said.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, Lardi, Kim Niss and Greg and Pam Brolsma delivered an upbeat program on the Top 20 endeavor, a multi-faceted approach to building positive thinking from young children and up through the workforce. Teaching modules and curriculum are available through the Chamber of Commerce, Presentation College and Fairmont Area Schools.

Five local residents – Lardi, Pam Brolsma, Suzie Riley, Mark Hernes and Marlys Rogers – have been schooled to be Top 20 trainers.

Niss, principal at Fairmont Junior/Senior High School, and Pam Brolsma, a 1st-grade teacher at Fairmont Elementary, related how positive thinking developed through the Top 20 program is used daily through the schools, from discussion topics to wall posters.

Greg Brolsma talked about the effects of thinking, learning and communicating in a positive way. He noted that Fairmont is the first community to pull the training together with students, teachers, coaches, adults, business people and others throughout the community.