Fairmont makes right decision on local theater

If there has been one unrelenting lament in Fairmont for the past couple of years, it has been over the lack of a local movie theater. Particularly frustrating is the fact that a building with five screens exists, but no one has wanted to upgrade it, due to expensive new technology involving digital projectors.

That all changed this week, and we congratulate and thank the city for playing a role, and wish new theater tenant Todd Frager of Sioux Falls the best of luck on his new endeavor.

The city’s Economic Development Authority this week approved financial aid of $75,000 for the theater, in the form of loans. In return, the theater must provide seven full-time equivalent jobs, offer three first-run movies each month and remain in operation for seven years.

We know Americans enjoy movies. They are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in our society. And the way to see Hollywood’s latest offerings still remains the movie theater.

We think there is an added aspect to the movie theater experience, and that is leaving one’s home to go and enjoy a little getaway. It’s something couples and families have always shared. To enjoy this experience, people will now – again – come to Fairmont. For the past several years, they have had to travel elsewhere, meaning that along with the good times, dollars have been flowing out of the community.

People who come here for movies also will spend money eating dinner or shopping. All of this is good for Fairmont, and will return benefits far beyond the $75,000 investment by the EDA.