Time to join the pack

To the Editor:

The first time that I attended a Kids Against Hunger pack, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was invited to fill in with a group that had an open spot. It sounded like a good cause and I thought, at worst, it would just be an hour and a half on a Saturday.

Others who had done KAH packs before talked about how much fun it was. Honestly, I wondered how much fun packing food into bags could be. But after the shift completed, I couldn’t believe that it was over already.

It was great. Everybody in the group had an opportunity to try each of the steps in the process (preparing and holding bags under the funnel; scooping the ingredients; verifying the bag weights; and sealing the bags). There was even a little bit of friendly competition in trying to outdo the previous shifts. I even had the chance to be part of a fire brigade, loading boxes full of food packs into the semi by passing them from person to person in a line that went from the gymnasium to just outside the doors.

The pack has been such a great experience that I can’t help but get excited as it approaches these past few years. I would highly recommend that everyone look into being a part of the pack, it’s an opportunity to help those in need and have fun doing it.

Logan Kahler