Hagedorn decisive winner

To the Editor:

Jim Hagedorn was the big story coming out of the Martin County Republican Caucus straw poll. Hagedorn was the decisive winner with over 70 percent of the vote. Jim Hagedorn is looking to take on the liberal democrat U.S. Congressman here in the 1st District. We are in desperate need of a new Congressman to represent the 1st District and vote for them. Other winners of the straw ballots on Tuesday were Marty Seifert with 44 percent for Governor and Julianne Ortman with 29 percent for U.S. Senate. Many resolutions were passed and they will now go on to the Martin County Republican Convention to be held in March. It was great to see an enthusiastic crowd of over 80 people come out on a cold winter night. That enthusiasm is what we need to propel our conservative candidates to victory this November.

Neal Breitbarth