Et Cetera …

Put drones into service

The state of Minnesota has begun a “drone” debate, centering on use of the devices by law enforcement. While there are civil liberties concerns related to drones, it’s difficult for us to understand why the state would not allow police to use this emerging technology.

Police use cameras, helicopters, automobiles, wire taps, etc., to monitor criminal activity. Why not drones? Yes, police should have to obtain the proper warrants, when necessary, but we can see no reason otherwise to take this tool out of their hands.

Get ready for road work

Minnesota Department of Transportation is planning a resurfacing project on Highway 15 north of Fairmont this summer. It will be great when the job is done, but it makes us wince a little to think about the traffic disruptions.

Oh, well. The roads don’t repair themselves. We hope area residents and businesses prepare for the construction. It will create added travel time and added costs. While the road will remain open, traffic will be slowed pilot cars and flagmen. It’s time to start considering alternate routes.

Change could be good

We believe Blue Earth Area Schools is on to something by considering moving its eighth-graders to the high school. There is plenty of room for them in the building, and the experience is likely to help them adapt to life there before they become freshmen, when classwork starts counting toward graduation.

Certainly, this is a change and that always brings worries. But there are K-12 buildings as well as 7-12 buildings across the state, in addition to schools that bring eighth-graders into their high schools. This can and should work in Blue Earth.

Political season begins

Minnesota’s caucuses kicked off the 2014 political process this week. Democrats, Republicans and Independence Party members gathered to select of delegates for county conventions. District and state conventions will follow.

There are some major contests on the ballot this year facing southern Minnesotans. These include the governor’s race, a U.S. Senate seat and the First Congressional District race. Voters will choose candidates to help set the direction of the state and country for the next several years. We hope citizens will begin tuning in, or remain attentive.