Every courthouse needs adequate parking space

The city of Blue Earth is contending with a street project that will reduce the number of parking stalls on Second Street, just north of the Faribault County Courthouse. While the reduction isn’t large, it will have an effect. The courthouse is a busy place, with employees and visitors needing places to park.

The city has discussed several options for the road work, opting to go with the one that would widen the street and only reduce parking by four spaces.

The city has scheduled a public hearing on the construction work for 5 p.m. March 3 at the Public Safety Building. We encourage those interested to offer their input.

In the meantime, we hope the county will consider more options, including building a parking lot on land it owns near the courthouse, across Main Street. If this site proves unworkable, then the county should consider other possible solutions to create more parking spaces.

People may not like the idea of removing green space for parking, but at significant public sites – courthouses, city halls, libraries, etc. – there must be adequate stalls available. The green spaces and parks can happily exist a little farther away.