Et Cetera …

We’re all in this thing

We suppose there is no way to relieve the feelings of those who hate our Midwestern winters. We’ve certainly been getting a dose of cold temps and, recently, lots of fresh snow. The wind does its part too, driving the cold right through us.

But we hope area residents will at least consider a bit of fresh thinking. As long as we live here, winter remains. When we get those days in the 20s, try to move around outside a bit. When it’s too cold or stormy to go anywhere, try to relax and have fun with those around you. They too could use a smile, instead of a frown.

Adding school days

Speaking of winter, we suppose there are going to be mixed reviews about the Fairmont School Board’s plans to eliminate three days off for students in coming months, because of late starts, an early dismissal and three cancelled school days.

Some students and parents may welcome the time in the classroom. Others may not.

The right thing to do, of course, is to make sure students are getting all the class time to which they are entitled and which they need to successfully complete their coursework. If adding three days to the school schedule is needed, so be it.

Congrats, schools

We extend our thanks and congratulations to St. John Vianney School as well as the four Lutheran schools in our area, all of which marked a special week celebrating Catholic or Lutheran schools.

We know staff at these schools see their work as a calling. They put in long hours, generally for less pay than their public schools counterparts. That is not meant to be a slam on anybody, just a note of appreciation for those working in these parochial facilities.

We hope these schools will continue to enjoy years to come providing educations appreciated by both parents and students.

Too much, too bloated

Congress has approved a $100 billion per year Farm Bill. It will be in place for the next five years. Yes, that’s a total bill of $500 billion.

Obviously, that’s too much. Our federal government is a morass of waste, fraud and abuse because of bills such as this.?It offers things it should not and gives away too much.

That said, it was a minor miracle that Congress was able to approve anything. And the bill did include an actual cut in outlays, $1.65 billion each year. Yes, that’s a pittance. But it is something.