Truman:?Go private

To the Editor:

I see that there’s a lot of discussion on the future of the Truman school as a result of a recent article. I lived in Truman for almost 40 years, during which time I ran a business and served three terms on the Truman School Board.

The State Department of Education and Education Minnesota (the teachers union) do not want small community schools. In most cases, they have been able to pass laws to force their merger with larger surrounding schools. Truman’s only hope of survival is to contact outside private parties about “privatizing” the school with professional management, which is then given an incentive to make it succeed.

One good place to start would be “The Center for School Change.” I knew Joe Nathan, one of its founders, well. I believe he is still involved with that or other organizations like it. He was helpful when we tried to privatize the Rapidan grade school for a group of people from the Mankato area. That effort was blocked by several special interests at the state level. Times have changed some now and it might be worth it to contact professional school management people who could then run the school under the Minnesota state charter school law.

Richard Lauring

Cushing, Wis.