Kids did awesome job

To the Editor:

As someone involved in Kids Against Hunger pack in Fairmont, I would like to take a moment to praise the youth of our community for an awesome job with the Kids Against Hunger benefit concert held Jan. 15.

These youth organize, coordinate and put on the concert, raising thousands of dollars in the process. It is truly amazing.

Paige Cowling and her team did a phenomenal job of organizing every aspect of the concert, from T-shirts, to acts, to a slide show, to programs, to printing and distributing posters around town, to the root beer floats, plus putting together and performing an inspiring act.

A powerful, positive effort from the youth in our community truly deserves to be noticed and recognized. If you did not make it this year, be sure to watch for and make it to the Kids Against Hunger benefit concert next year in 2015.

Sarah Brown