M.C. Area 10th at ‘A’ True Team state meet

MELROSE – Jailyn Brinkman and Lydia Butkowski each produced top-six showings in the all-around competition to power No. 1-ranked Melrose Area to the True Team Class A state gymnastics team championship on Saturday in Melrose.

Brinkman claimed fourth place overall with a total of 37.5 points, while Butkowski garnered sixth in the all-around with a 37.1 to pace Melrose Area’s winning score of 183.4 to squeeze past No. 3-ranked Austin’s runner-up mark of 183.275.

In the True Team format, all five gymnasts’ scores on each piece of equipment count toward the team point totals.

Sela Fadness won the all-around championship by generating 38.55 points, including gold-medal finishes on the vault (9.725) and floor exercise (9.725), to pace Austin’s effort.

No. 2-ranked New Prague garnered third place in the True Team state meet with a 181.95, while Molly Lyngaas and Jordyn Peterson won the uneven parallel bars (9.75) and balance beam (9.625), respectively, to top No. 4-ranked Detroit Lakes’ fourth-place team showing of 178.975.

Lyngaas also earned runner-up accolades in the all-around competition by chalking up a score of 38.1 to trail only Fadness in overall point production.

Bryanna Peterson delivered an all-around mark of 35.925 to pace the No. 13-ranked Martin County Area Magic’s 10th-place team score of 164.45.

Peterson produced a team-best score of 9.2 on the balance beam, delivered a 9.125-scored effort on the uneven bars, tumbled her way to an 8.95 on the floor and literally vaulted to the Magic’s second-best score of 8.65.

Mackenzie Betts rotated her vault for an 8.75 to top MCA, Martha Olson generated an 8.6, while Sydney Leichtnam and Maggie Bachenberg each chipped in 8.2s.

Andrea Thate tallied a 7.85 to follow Peterson in the scoring column for the Magic on the unevens, while Briana Gratz supplied a 7.65. Sydney Leichtnam (7.1) and Lexy Ringnell (6.675) rounded out MCA’s effort on the bars.

Brooklyn Leichtnam posted an 8.675 for the Magic on the beam, Maiya Dietz contributed an 8.5, while Betts (8.0) and Jenna Steele (7.7) completed the team’s effort.

Ringnell and Olson netted an 8.475 and an 8.35, respectively, to follow Peterson’s top floor score for the Magic, while Brielle Meade (7.95) and Bachenberg (7.85) rounded out the lineup.

Martin County Area travels to St. Peter tonight, weather permitting, for a South Central Conference dual meet.



At Melrose Area High School

Team Standings: 1. Melrose Area 183.4; 2. Austin 183.275; 3. New Prague 181.95; 4. Detroit Lakes 178.975; 5. Perham 177.525; 6. Sartell 173.725; 7. Watertown-Mayer 173.35; 8. Big Lake 173.075; 9. Willmar 169.275; 10. Martin County Area 164.45.

Individual Results

All-Around: 1. Sela Fadness (Austin) 38.55; 2. Molly Lyngaas (Detroit Lakes) 38.1; 3. Claire Boschee (Sartell) 37.55; 4. Jailyn Brinkman (Melrose) 37.5; 5. Maddie Mullenbach (Austin) 37.425; 6. Lydia Butkowski (Melrose) 37.1.

Martin Co. Area score: Bryanna Peterson 35.925.

Vault: 1. Sela Fadness (Austin) 9.725; 2. Maddie Mullenbach (Austin) 9.6; 3. Jailyn Brinkman (Melrose) 9.575; 4. (tie) Molly Lyngaas (Detroit Lakes) and Maddie Lijewski (New Prague) 9.525s; 6. Sarah Hoffman (New Prague) 9.5.

MCA scores: Mackenzie Betts 8.75; Bryanna Peterson 8.65; Martha Olson 8.6; Maggie Bachenberg 8.2; Sydney Leichtnam 8.2.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Molly Lyngaas (Detroit Lakes) 9.75; 2. (tie) Sela Fadness (Austin) and Jailyn Brinkman (Melrose) 9.65s; 4. Hannah Piehl (New Prague) 9.6; 5. Claire Boschee (Sartell) 9.575; 6. Carly Breitenfeldt (Perham) 9.425.

MCA scores: Bryanna Peterson 9.125; Andrea Thate 7.85; Briana Gratz 7.65; Sydney Leichtnam 7.1; Lexy Ringnell 6.675.

Balance Beam: 1. Jordyn Peterson (Detroit Lakes) 9.625; 2. (tie) Cassie Knick (Big Lake) and Kayla Austing (Melrose) 9.525s; 4. Brooke Leaf (Watertown-Mayer) 9.5; 5. (tie) Sela Fadness (Austin), Sarah Hoffman (New Prague), and Mady Brinkman (Melrose) 9.45s.

MCA scores: Bryanna Peterson 9.2; Brooklyn Leichtnam 8.675; Maiya Dietz 8.5; Mackenzie Betts 8.0; Jenna Steele 7.7.

Floor Exercise: 1. Sela Fadness (Austin) 9.725; 2. Lydia Butkowski (Melrose) 9.65; 3. (tie) Jailyn Brinkman (Melrose) and Sarah Hoffman (New Prague) 9.6s; 5. Laura Jore (Big Lake) 9.575; 6. Molly Lyngaas (Detroit Lakes) 9.45.

MCA scores: Bryanna Peterson 8.95; Lexy Ringnell 8.475; Martha Olson 8.35; Brielle Meade 7.95; Maggie Bachenberg 7.85.