They are people too

To the Editor:

Every time I hear of a fatal accident, two things happen. First, my heart goes out to the friends and family of the victim. Second, my heart goes out to the first responders, EMTs and rescue squads. Those who choose these professions to help people in need are just people like you and me.

Imagine the rescue worker cutting out a dead close friend from his car after that friend is involved in a head-on crash. Or how about the EMT who crawls into a badly wrecked car trying to comfort the driver in his or her last moments of life because there is nothing the EMT can do.

These heroes face these possibilities every day. Eventually, something will happen and they need you to understand that they are grieving too.

To the families and friends of these road warriors:?Please give them some time to heal also. If they need time to talk, listen to them. If they need time to cry, let them. If they need time alone, grant them their wish. If they need time to grieve, give them the time. If they have a debriefing about the accident, please encourage them to go. If you see them on the street, pat them on the back, say thanks, or ask, “How are you doing?”

Most of all, they need your love; show them they are loved.

I’ve been there, done that. I was an EMT for more than six years and have seen quite a bit. Know this:?You are being protected by the best people in the world and they are not afraid to lay down their lives for you. To all my EMT, first responder and rescue squad family, I salute you.

Bruce Zingler