Et Cetera …

Better utilize the study

A?city such as Fairmont can do things to make housing more available and more affordable, and by doing so it can help improve local economic conditions.

A recent study suggests that the city be involved in aiding the growth of owner-occupied housing as well as rental housing. In the case of rentals, the study suggests 130 to 160 units within five years, with some for students, some subsidized, some affordable and some market-rate.

A rental regulation program also has been advised.

The point of the study, we suppose, is to seek solutions. We hope the city will consider implementing some.

Water issues resolved

The city of Fairmont has been under fire for building a new water plant. We suppose those upset by its cost and by its possibly being overbuilt are not likely to go away. We can understand those concerns, to an extent.

But those who doubted the new facility for its ability to clean up what has been viewed as taste and odor problems with the local water have been proven wrong. The new plant is doing its job providing a safe, much-improved product.

Making tough decisions

Fairmont Area Schools Superintendent Joe Brown and school board members this week talked about the process involved in deciding whether to delay or close school because of inclement weather. A big part of the decision involves the district’s bus contract, which has to keep liability concerns and the safety of its fleet in mind.

One school board member provided some wisdom, noting that half the people may agree with any given decision while the other half disagree. When it comes to judgment calls, we know people will not concur. But we believe the bus company and school officials are acting in good faith, trying to make the right decisions.

Let’s Grow Minnesota!

We like the concept of the Grow Minnesota! program that has come to Fairmont. Grow Minnesota! is a business retention and assistance program through the state Chamber of Commerce.

The effort involves business visits by volunteers, with a goal of creating a broader understanding of local industry. At the same time, expertise is shared and relationships are built.

All the communication is meant to strengthen communities as a whole, as well as individual businesses. Kudos to those involved.