Seeing red by now

To the Editor:

In 2012, two other people and myself sold some farmland. I had 60 acres of 160 acres.

It wasn’t my idea to sell. In fact, I was against it. I knew we would have to pay state and federal taxes. The state taxes for me were $42,863. The federal taxes were $84,325. I also had to pay inheritance taxes in 1964. So, this land has cost me three different taxes, plus property taxes.

Two weeks ago, my husband and I got a letter from the Social Security Administration saying it was going to take $405 per month out of our Social Security checks now. That is for each of us, so it totals $810 per month.

We’re no longer paying standard Medicare of $105. They had raised ours $230 more per month, I guess because of the farm sale. So we are now each paying $335 per month.

Now they have added prescription drug coverage, which we did not request, at $69 per month.

This is how they get the $405 per month, or $810 total, that my husband and I will lose each month. This amounts to $9,720 per year.

We went to the Social Security Office in Fairmont and they didn’t tell us much. I then went to my lawyer and he said he had never seen a letter like this. He didn’t think he could help us.

Then I got on the phone for around six hours. I did get some answers but I couldn’t believe that this law was passed in 2006. I’m wondering why we didn’t hear anything about this.

On the phone, I told a woman from Social Security that I wanted someone to come and talk to my husband and me. She said they wouldn’t understand, just like the person in Fairmont.

I’m so tired of the state of Minnesota saying it doesn’t have money for schools. These farm sales have been going on for about six years. They’ve been big ones too. Our sale was in October 2012. I’ve watched the paper and the man who sold our land had 15 sales in November 2012.

So, state Rep. Bob Gunther and state Sen. Julie Rosen, what are you doing with this money? I’m sure they couldn’t follow where this money went and give me an answer.

Now, remember, we have to pay for our Medicare supplement insurance too. Drug coverage is $23 and $79 for our medical, which is $2,448 a year. We are paying $9,720 plus $2,448 for supplemental insurance. They do say for one year, but we will see.

I’ve also written to three federal lawmakers from our area but haven’t heard back from them. It would be fun to see just whose pockets this money ends up in.

It wasn’t too long ago that I read in the paper about people drawing Social Security and they were dead. I believe it was about $3 million for sure that was drawn out.

There are three federal lawmakers – Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Al Franken and Congressman Tim Walz – whom every farmer should be writing to, which is what I’ve done. We must have educated idiots running our state and the USA with no common sense. I don’t even know if I’m going to vote any more.

Oh, by the way, I’ve spent right around $200,000 over this. My husband and I were living on about $4,000 per month. Now they want to take our windfall away. I guess for all older people, they want us to pay and lose our little nest egg. What are they doing to people who aren’t on Social Security and sell land?

The other family members involved in this wouldn’t listen to me. I guess they didn’t think I knew what I was talking about. They saw green. By now it’s red.

Carol White