M.C. Area vaults by B.E. Area

WELCOME – Freshman phenom Bryanna Peterson captured the all-around crown, while freshman standout Martha Olson won one event outright and shared another to power the Martin County Area Magic to a 134.15-110.85 South Central Conference gymnastics victory over the Blue Earth Area Bucs on Thursday night in Welcome.

Peterson produced a total of 34.475 points to outdistance the Bucs’ Haley Resutek, who generated a score of 33.525, for first-place accolades in the all-around competition.

Peterson swung her giants to earn top honors on the uneven parallel bars with an 8.675, while combining her leaps on the balance beam for a first-place mark of 8.9. Peterson also netted third on the vault with an 8.8.

Olson landed her Tsuk to power past Resutek, 9.125-8.9, in the vault competition, while the two rivals shared top honors on the floor with a pair of 8.95-scored performances.

Andrea Thate claimed runner-up honors on the unevens for the Magic with a 7.975, while teammates Briana Gratz (7.85) and Sydney Leichtnam (7.6) completed MCA’s sweep on the event.

Mackenzie Betts delivered a fourth-place mark of 8.775 on the vault for MCA, in addition to tying third-place honors on the beam with teammate Maiya Dietz with 8.05s.

Lexy Ringnell netted an 8.55 to place second on the floor for the Magic, while teammates Maggie Bachenberg (8.5) and Brielle Meade (8.25) rounded out the top four on the piece.

Jenna Steele chipped in a fourth-place score of 7.45 on the beam for the Magic, while Resutek claimed second on the beam with an 8.1.

Martin County Area and Blue Earth Area compete in the Magic Invitational at 11 a.m. Saturday in Welcome.

MCA 134.15;

BEA 110.85

All-Around: 1. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 34.475; 2. Haley Resutek (BEA) 33.525; 3. Erin Olson (BEA) 28.25; 4. Malorie Huber (BEA) 25.575.

Vault: 1. Martha Olson (MCA) 9.125; 2. Resutek (BEA) 8.9; 3. Peterson (MCA) 8.8; 4. Mackenzie Betts (MCA) 8.775. Other MCA scores: Maggie Bachenberg 8.65; Sydney Leichtnam 8.45. Other BEA scores: Huber 8.225; Olson 8.15; Mateja Lane 7.75; Arianna Nagel 7.625.

Uneven Bars: 1. Peterson (MCA) 8.675; 2. Andrea Thate (MCA) 7.975; 3. Briana Gratz (MCA) 7.85; 4. Leichtnam (MCA) 7.6. Other MCA score: Lexy Ringnell 7.5. BEA scores: Resutek 7.575; Olson 6.175; Huber 4.9; Nagel 3.85; Lane 3.65.

Beam: 1. Peterson (MCA) 8.9; 2. Resutek (BEA) 8.1; 3. (tie) Betts (MCA) and Maiya Dietz (MCA) 8.05s; 4. Jenna Steele (MCA) 7.45. Other MCA score: Brielle Meade 7.3. Other BEA scores: Olson 5.9; Huber 4.9; Lane 4.8; Justiana Gaydon 4.0.

Floor: 1. (tie) Resutek (BEA) and Olson (MCA) 8.95s; 2. Ringnell (MCA) 8.55; 3. Bachenberg (MCA) 8.5; 4. Meade (MCA) 8.25. Other MCA score: Peterson 8.1. Other BEA scores: Olson 8.025; Huber 7.55; Lane 7.1; Gaydon 5.85.