GHEC seats board member

GRANADA – The Granada-Huntley-East Chain School Board swore in Chris Pytleski as its newest member Thursday.

He fills the unexpired term of Ken Petrowiak, who resigned Dec. 31 due to time constraints.

There are now two Pytleskis on the board, with Chris joining Tim Pytleski. The two are distant cousins.

In action on Thursday, the board voted to designate Profinium Financial of Fairmont as its official depository for fiscal year 2014, replacing Alliance Bank, Huntley branch, which is closing in February.

The board also approved Brian Mittelstadt, district finance officer, or Dr. Steve Heyd, GHEC superintendent, to open the safety deposit box at the Huntley bank and remove and catalog its contents. The box has not been opened since 1987, and no one recalls its contents. Heyd thought it could contain old data, which frequently was stored off site at the time.

Robert Garry, board chairman, questioned the need for a safety deposit box, considering the lack of use of the existing one for 26 years.

In his report, Heyd said he is looking to replace and update some of the district’s computers and is researching funding sources.

“We also have server issues,” he noted, adding that a representative of South Central Service Cooperative is evaluating the school’s technical needs.

“We can quadruple our bandwidth and even pay a little bit less money,” Heyd said.

In other business, the board:

o Hired Caitlin Dempsey at two-thirds time to teach art and monitor study hall through May 29.

o Hired Rebecca Thoreson at two-thirds time to teach computer technology and career courses through May 29.

o Elected officers for 2014 as follows: Robert Garry, chairman; Tim Pytleski, vice chairman; Bryan Nowicki, clerk/secretary; and Troy Jensen, treasurer.

o Voted to leave salaries unchanged. The chairman receives $350 per year, while the clerk/secretary receives $250.

Members are paid $45 for regular meetings and $60 for all-day meetings.