Where credit is due

To the Editor:

In the last 2013 edition of the Sentinel, Billeye Rabbe gave me credit for initiating the Christmas tree recycling program. I was honored and humbled since our environment and, in particular, recycling is a passion of mine. However, the real credit for this wonderful idea goes to Ron Yanke, who suggested it to me at the time I was a county commissioner.

To sweeten the pot, Ron then rallied the Sherburn Lions to collect/stack the trees and secured a location in Sherburn. I merely brought the idea to Billeye, and she helped set up other locations, volunteer help and the mechanisms for chipping the trees.

We are no longer are filling our air with the smoke of burning trees as we did 25 years ago because of these two forward-thinking, community-minded people. Billeye Rabbe and Ron Yanke continue to be assets to our area.

Char Kahler