Time for new attitude

To the Editor:

As of late, there has been a noticeable change in our American culture. People in general seem to have a roll over and take it attitude. This is most prevalent in how they let government run their lives.

Several examples of Americans willingness to give up include: letting the NSA collect vast amounts of data on them, the sustainment of the Affordable Care Act, strict gun control laws passed throughout the country, and the out-of-control balance sheet of the federal government.

Fortunately, Americans haven’t always had a roll over and take it attitude. Of particular note, in the early years of this country, Americans exhibited an attitude of audaciousness when they formed this nation and explored the West.

In our current times, social media and mobile devices occupy a great deal of people’s time and attention. Someone may have an opinion, but clicking “Like” on Facebook, for example, doesn’t accomplish anything. Our culture needs to reassert itself and not be afraid to take action.

Repealing laws and recalling elected officials is a form of action. Citizens of Colorado recalled elected officials in 2013 who had attempted to take their rights away. It’s time we re-assert our attitude of audaciousness.

Jim McCoy