Trio of schools set for lock-in

TRUMAN – Students from three area high schools are gathering for a night of fun and games on Jan. 11 at the Truman school.

The brainchild of Ciera Drevlow, a junior at Truman High School, the event has been dubbed “Lock-in 2.0” and is open to all students in grades 7-12 from Truman, Granada-Huntley-East Chain and Martin Luther High School.

The lock-in will run from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., with a variety of activities.

After attendees are informed of the rules and regulations, there will be a dodgeball tournament, with grades from the three schools teaming up to compete against combined teams from other grades.

Also on the agenda are games based on television shows such as “Fear Factor” and “Minute to Win It.”

Other tournaments include sumo wrestling, ping pong, bean bags, ladder golf, washers and Mario Kart.

Board games will be available, and movies will be shown throughout the night.

Because teenagers must have music and dancing, Jared Fellows, a senior at Truman, will be deejaying in the gym, while Caitlin Dempsey, art teacher at Truman, will be singing. Both are donating their musical talents to the event.

Concessions, similar to those available during basketball games, will be sold.

The lock-in will culminate with a waffle breakfast, served by the Truman School Board.

“Ciera has done the bulk of the work,” said Steve Schlager, Truman Student Council adviser.

Drevlow is quick to share the credit for planning the event, calling it a “group effort” from student council members in Truman and GHEC, sponsors of the event.

“Our schools are getting so small,” Drevlow said.

Declining enrollment prompted sharing during the basketball season. Truman and GHEC share a girls basketball team, while the Truman boys partner with Martin Luther during the hoops season. Drevlow believes the lock-in will provide a time for students from the three schools to get to know each other better and meet new people.

“The main thing is we just want to have fun in a safe place,” Schlager said.

No students will be allowed to enter after 10 p.m. or leave before 7 a.m. unless arrangements are made ahead of time.

There will be chaperones from the schools, and some of parents also will attend.

“All these people are volunteers,” Drevlow said.

Certain areas of the Truman school, such as the locker rooms and weight rooms, will be locked. The main part of the high school also will be inaccessible.

Because the student councils of Truman and GHEC participated in the planning, costs to students from those schools is $10. Martin Luther students will pay $15 to attend.

Registration and payment for the lock-in should be made by Wednesday at the respective school offices.

As of Thursday, 40 Truman students had signed up for the lock-in. Numbers for GHEC and Martin Luther were not available.

“If we could get to 100, that would be good,” Drevlow said.

Proceeds from the lock-in will be used for a charitable purpose, Drevlow said, but she was unsure of specifics. She hopes someone, perhaps a teacher or neighbor, will serve as a conduit so the student councils can provide winter coats to an anonymous needy family.