Bluejays nudge out Magic

WELCOME – Martin County Area freshman phenom Bryanna Peterson captured the all-around crown on Thursday night, but Madeline Swain and the Waseca Bluejays squeezed by the injury-plagued Magic, 136.2-135.475, during South Central Conference gymnastics action.

With the high-scoring Magic senior tandem of Beraiah Peterson and Rebecca Steen watching from the bleachers in Welcome, Bryanna Peterson and Martin County Area’s highly-skilled specialists returned to the mid-130s scoring plateau after two previous team totals under 135 prior to the holiday break.

“I fractured my C7 while doing a bale on the (uneven parallel) bars during a practice (in December),” Steen, who donned a neck brace, said in reference to the season-ending injury to her seventh cervical vertebra.

Unfortunately, Steen joined Beraiah Peterson, who suffered a compound fracture of her leg during a dual-meet victory over Windom Area on Dec. 12 in Welcome, in watching Beraiah’s younger sibling generate a career-high and meet-best total of 36.0 on Thursday night.

Bryanna Peterson captured top honors on the uneven parallel bars (9.275) and balance beam (8.85) to highlight her winning all-around mark for the Magic. Peterson also netted runner-up accolades to Swain on the floor exercise, 9.175-9.1.

But Bryanna Peterson was not alone in earning conference points via top-four showings on the dual meet as Magic freshman teammate Martha Olson planted her Tsukahara vault for a first-place score of 9.075.

Olson also finished fourth on the floor with an 8.625-scored routine, while senior specialists Mackenzie Betts and Briana Gratz also delivered vital point production for Martin County Area.

Betts displayed her vertical leap on the balance beam to generate a third-place mark of 8.55, while also contributing a fourth-place vault score of 8.875.

Gratz, who’s battled back from her knee injury from a year ago, displayed her return to stellar form on the uneven bars by claiming fourth place overall with an 8.35 for the Magic.

Swain, who generated a second-place all-around total of 34.85, added a pair of second-place showings on the vault (9.05) and balance beam (8.75) to pack scoring punch to the Bluejays’ winning ways.

Waseca’s Marina Chen and Caleigh Dennis rounded out the top four all-arounders in the SCC clash by producing a 34.125 and a 33.125, respectively, to capture third and fourth overall.

Dennis netted a third-place vault score of 8.925 to highlight her all-around mark, while Chen placed third on the both the unevens (8.4) and floor (8.9).

Martin County Area (3-1, 0-1 SCC) and Waseca (3-0, 2-0) compete in the Faribault Invite at 11 a.m. Saturday.


Waseca 136.2; MCA 135.475

All-Around: 1. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 36.0; 2. Madeline Swain (W) 34.85; 3. Marina Chen (W) 34.125; 4. Caleigh Dennis (W) 33.125.

Vault: 1. Martha Olson (MCA) 9.075; 2. Swain (W) 9.05; 3. Dennis (W) 8.925; 4. Mackenzie Betts (MCA) 8.875. Other MCA scores: Peterson 8.775; Maggie Bachenberg 8.55; Sydney Leichtnam 8.45.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.275; 2. Samantha Petry (W) 8.475; 3. Chen (W) 8.4; 4. Briana Gratz (MCA) 8.35.

Other MCA scores: Andrea Thate 8.125; S. Leichtnam 7.625; Lexy Ringnell 7.575.

Balance Beam: 1. Peterson (MCA) 8.85; 2. Swain (W) 8.75; 3. Betts (MCA) 8.55; 4. Hannah Petry (W) 8.425.

Other MCA scores: Jenna Steele 8.225; Brielle Meade 7.475; Bachenberg 7.125.

Floor Exercise: 1. Swain (W) 9.175; 2. Peterson (F) 9.1; 3. Chen (W) 8.9; 4. Olson (MCA) 8.625.

Other MCA scores: Ringnell 8.05; Bachenberg 7.95; Kersten Shantz 7.85.


MCA 125.4; Waseca 109.3

All-Around: 1. Michaela Twitchell (MCA) 31.7; 2. Maiya Dietz (MCA) 29.4; 3. Cecilia McNair (W) 27.2.

Vault: 1. Shelby Wolff (W) 8.6; 2. (tie) Darian Zimmerman (W) and Kersten Shantz (MCA) 8.4s; 3. Twitchell (MCA) 8.35; 4. Jenna Steele (MCA) 8.2.

Other MCA scores: Lexy Ringnell 8.1; Dietz 7.9; Andrea Thate 7.8; Morgan Wolter 7.7; Morgan Sanving 7.6.

Unevens: 1. Twitchell (MCA) 7.6; 2. Hannah Petry (W) 7.3; 3. Maggie Bachenberg (MCA) 7.1; 4. Martha Olson (MCA) 7.0.

Other MCA scores: Mackenzie Betts 6.8; Kayla Shantz 6.3; Dietz 6.0; Brielle Meade 5.9; Abby Bachenberg 5.5.

Beam: 1. Thate (MCA) 8.1; 2. Dietz (MCA) 7.9; 3. Twitchell (MCA) 7.55; 4. Sydney Leichtnam (MCA) 7.4.

Other MCA scores: Cara Behrends 6.6; A. Bachenberg 6.15; Briana Gratz 6.1; Grace Mayo 6.0.

Floor: 1. Samantha Petry (W) 8.4; 2. Brielle Meade (MCA) 8.35; 3. Betts (MCA) 8.25; 4. Twitchell (MCA) 8.2.

Other MCA scores: Thate 8.1; Steele 7.85; Behrends 7.7; Dietz 7.6; Mayo 7.3.