Et Cetera …

Consider offering legacy

No one lives forever, but a person can continue to make a difference in the world after he or she is gone. A recent instance is that of Melvin Logemann, who passed away this year and left behind nearly $300,000 for Martin Luther High School in Northrop.

The gift will aid students with tuition, help the school complete upgrades and be used for a complete makeover of the gym. Through these avenues, students and staff will enjoy Logemann’s gift for years to come.

We hope other residents of the Fairmont area take note of this example and consider offering legacies to worthy local causes.

Group remains focused

In the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting in December 2012 there was a lot of reaction around the country. The tragedy opened more eyes than ever to the possibility of an incident occurring not somewhere else, but close to home.

At Martin County West schools, parents, police, businesses and city officials got involved, forming a group to raise funds for stronger school security. As months passed, it might have been easy for this group to fade away, but that has not happened.

The group – MCW-SOS – has been collecting donations and working with the schools to implement changes. We congratulate all involved for sticking with the mission. Perhaps other schools around the region, state and country should take notice.

Blaming the victim?

Some people believe that every problem and every issue can be solved if only the government can somehow get involved. This is seldom the case.

A fresh example is news that information about 40 million Target customer accounts was recently stolen. A U.S. senator from New Jersey is jumping up and down, expressing outrage and looking for ways to punish Target.

First of all, Target’s customers and the company are victims of a crime in this case. Those who want to blame Target seem to forget that no person or entity is infallible. Government can’t change that reality.

For those customers extremely disturbed by the news, there is always the option of being leery of Target’s security and shopping somewhere else. Certainly, the mere threat of that already has Target doing all it can to restore the public’s trust.