Police warn of local phone scam

FAIRMONT – Numerous complaints of a banking phone scam alarmed local law enforcement this weekend, as people from throughout Martin County reported they were asked for their debit card information in an automated message that was supposedly from their local bank, according to a press release from Fairmont Police Department.

More than 30 such calls were reported by residents in Fairmont and Martin County, and similar incidents were reported in the Windom and New Ulm areas.

The automated message informs the person their Bank Midwest account and/or debit card has been frozen. The call recipient is then asked to press No. 1 to get more information, after which they are instructed to give their account number in order to reactivate the account.

Several of the people who received these calls told law enforcement that the call was from a bank where they had no account.

Fairmont Police have been in contact with the Bank Midwest to alert them of the scam.

Police say if you receive one of these calls, do not enter any financial information when prompted. End the call and contact your financial institution yourself to verify the validity of the call.

If you gave information over the phone, contact your credit card company immediately for assistance.