Huskies sneak by Magic

WINNEBAGO – Martin County Area gymnasts Rebecca Steen and Bryanna Peterson captured first and third in the all-around competition, respectively, but Jackson County Central’s Haley Bass and the Huskies squeezed by the Magic by five-hundredths of a point to win the Buc triangular on Saturday in Winnebago.

Steen nearly made a clean sweep of the individual events, winning the all-around crown on the strength of first-place showings on the vault, balance beam and floor exercise to help pace the Magic’s team total of 134.875.

Bass, along with teammates Abby Schneekloth, Brooklyn Schuett and Brielle Scheepstra, each posted top-six all-around finishes to top the Huskies’ narrow winning team mark of 134.925.

Haley Resutek generated an all-around score of 30.225 to pace host Blue Earth Area’s third-place team total of 111.625.

Steen produced a meet-best 36.175 points on the strength of a 9.25-scored Tsuk vault, a gold-medal beam mark of 9.25 and a first-place floor finish at 9.275. Steen also claimed second place on the uneven parallel bars (8.4) behind Magic teammate Bryanna Peterson.

Peterson chalked up a third-place all-around total of 34.5 on the strength of her winning ways on the unevens with a 9.275 giant-filled routine. The MCA freshman phenom also placed third on the vault (8.6) to go with fifth-place showings on the beam (8.1) and floor (8.625).

Meanwhile, Bass earned runner-up all-around accolades by producing 35.025 points, highlighted by a pair of silver-medal performances on the vault (8.7) and beam (9.075). The JCC sophomore standout also placed third on the unevens (8.025) and floor (9.0).

Abby Schneekloth posted a 33.275 mark to place fourth in the all-around competition for the Huskies, while teammates Schuett and Scheepstra contributed four-piece totals of 33.0 and 32.4 to pocket fifth and sixth overall, respectively.

Martha Olson planted a Tsuk vault for third place (8.6), teammates Andrea Thate and Briana Gratz added punch to the Magic’s lineup by claiming fifth (7.925) and sixth (7.825), respectively, on the unevens, while Brielle Meade posted a sixth-place showing (8.1) on the beam.

Resutek claimed sixth place on the vault for the Bucs by netting an 8.3.

Erin Olson contributed 27.85 points to Blue Earth Area’s performance, while Melissa Hagedorn (27.15), Malorie Huber (24.775) and Brianna Ziegler (23.75) rounded out the home team’s scoring.

Martin County Area travels to Marshall on Thursday for a nonconference dual meet, while Blue Earth Area plays host to Jackson County Central on Thursday in Winnebago.


At Winnebago

Team Results: 1. Jackson County Central 134.925; 2. Martin County Area 134.875; 3. Blue Earth Area 111.625.

All-Around: 1. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 36.175; 2. Haley Bass (JCC) 35.025; 3. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 34.5; 4. Abby Schneekloth (JCC) 33.275; 5. Brooklyn Schuett (JCC) 33.0; 6. Brielle Scheepstra (JCC) 32.4.

B.E. Area scores: Haley Resutek 30.225; Erin Olson 27.85; Melissa Hagedorn 27.15; Malorie Huber 24.775; Brianna Ziegler 23.75.

Vault: 1. Steen (MCA) 9.25; 2. Bass (JCC) 8.7; 3. Martha Olson (MCA) 8.6; 4. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 8.5; 5. Scheepstra (JCC) 8.4; 6. Resutek (BEA) 8.3.

Other MCA scores: Sydney Leichtnam 8.15; Kersten Shantz 7.55.

Other BEA scores: Hagedorn 8.1; Huber 8.025; Olson 7.925; Ziegler 7.275.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 9.275; 2. Steen (MCA) 8.4; 3. Bass (JCC) 8.025; 4. Abby Schneekloth (JCC) 8.0; 5. Andrea Thate (MCA) 7.925; 6. Briana Gratz (MCA) 7.825.

Other MCA score: S. Leichtnam 7.65.

BEA scores: Resutek 7.725; Olson 5.95; Huber 5.45; Hagedorn 4.9; Ziegler 4.55.

Balance Beam: 1. Steen (MCA) 9.25; 2. Bass (JCC) 9.075; 3. Bailey Schneekloth (JCC) 9.025; 4. Abby Schneekloth (JCC) 8.7; 5. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 8.1; 6. Brielle Meade (MCA) 8.1.

Other MCA scores: Jenna Steele 7.325; Maggie Bachenberg 7.275.

BEA scores: Ziegler 6.925; Resutek 6.75; Hagedorn 6.7; Olson 6.45; Huber 5.3.

Floor Exercise: 1. Steen (MCA) 9.275; 2. Schuett (JCC) 9.1; 3. Bass (JCC) 9.0; 4. Hailey Handevidt (JCC) 8.65; 5. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 8.625; 6. Abby Schneekloth (JCC) 8.475.

Other MCA scores: Lexy Ringnell 8.2; Olson 8.075; M. Bachenberg 7.775.

BEA scores: Olson 7.525; Resutek 7.45; Hagedorn 7.45; Huber 6.0; Ziegler 5.0.